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App Design for External Users




I'm working on a proof of concept for a work assignment. I've developed an alteryx app to do some simple account mapping and was wondering if this is something I can export and run on another computer without an alteryx license? 


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


The only way to run Alteryx apps on a machine without a Designer license is if you have Alteryx Server. With Server you can run Apps from the Server's Gallery and you can also run apps via the Alteryx Server API.


To DavidP's response, there isnt a way to run an Alteryx file without Alteryx installed where you are trying to run it.


However, you could install a trial of Designer or Server on said other computer and execute it that way. If this is a bigger POC, it might be worth standing up an Alteryx Server trial to be able to showcase product the way you're describing.