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Any example of workflow to schedule a list of jobs based on dates and resources constraint

Dear Alteryx Community,


I'm trying to find an example workflow to schedule a list of jobs  (e.g. maintenance jobs) which have the following attributes:

- Critical (Yes or No)

- Earliest Start Date

- Latest Finish Date

- Duration

- Resources required


with the outputs of an optimal schedule that respects the maximum number of available resources per day (there are actually more constraints, such as equipment needed etc, but to simplify I just mention resource here)


Optimal here could mean schedule that allows earliest completion of all tasks (or maybe there's a better formulation of what optimal mean here)


Appreciate any input thanks




Hello @Charlieh1 ,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!
Can you please include a copy of any workflows you have attempted for this? If possible, please include some direct areas of concern so our community can know how best to help!

Also, for scheduling, are you trying to schedule this on a server, or a scheduled process you have for something else?


I hope this helps!


Community Moderator

Hi Trevor, thanks for the response. I haven't attempted this as I am not sure where to start for this kind of problem. What I have done is to go through the different examples of Prescription Analytics workflow under Optimization area (in the menu), but none of those deal with task scheduling. I found paper which discusses the algorithm, but I think this is very long way to go. 


Example of paper: