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Alteryx's download program broken??? Does Alteryx ever check its download program properly




Tried to download Alteryx trial several times and all times, it is not working as I kept getting "Failed CreateProcess". I even ran the installer as "Run as Administrator" and the firewall is all open. And yet it is not working.  Pretty useless installation program for a company who makes big noises in analytics?? how embarassing.


Will someone advise the correct link to correct program please? or at least, WORKABLE PROGRAM.


Thank you.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @diego667 


Did you get the installer from ?


Which version are you trying to install?




I don't know what version it is because that was the page where I tried to download installer (size is around 300kb) and it doesn't work at all. Not to mention that I have to register all over again whenever I go to that bloody page (what is it with Alteryx being obsessive to collect every registration even though I am same person trying to re-downlaod).

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Actually, if you go to you only need to sign in with your Community account. No need for registration.


Then you'll be directed to downloads page, where you can choose among Alteryx products.




Thanks for your suggestion but it doesn't work because it asks for license key (see screenshot). Let me see - you need license key to download trial program which doesn't require license key. Alteryx is clearly missing the point in this section.


Hello @diego667 ,

What is the link you are using to access the trial download?

If you are going from the main website and using the free trial link, you should be prompted to enter in a few pieces of information, not a full registration.

This should prompt the attached image, of a 90 minute sandbox, or 14 day trial download.

The download itself is of the full designer product, but the license key provided within the download has a 14 day limited access life.


If you are still having issues with downloading the trial, please reach out to

Please also be aware that the trials only allow for 2 consecutive activations, once both have been activated you will not be able to activate additional trials.


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