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Alteryx reading hyphens in string as spaces when connecting to hadoop database using ODBC

Hi, I am using alteryx to read data from hadoop database using odbc driver 3.80.

The issue i am facing is whenever my string have hyphens in them alteryx read it as some kind of box/special character.

And if i try to copy that name it shows spaces in place of hyphens.


The original name it should read is : ABC - DEF

It shows in data pane as : ABC (square/rectangle symbol) DEF

When i try to copy : ABC  DEF


I am not sure why this is happening or how to resolve it?

Has anyone encountered this before? Any help is appreciated.


Not sure why his happens as I don’t use Hadoop. That being said can you just clean those characters and replace the space with a hyphen? Just a thought.




Hi @shalmalik27 


The square is what's displayed when you have a character that isn't in the current code page.  The character in the DB is probably an Em Dash U#8212 or an En Dash U#8211 neither of which are standard ascii characters.   If you use CharToInt on that character you can see exactly what the code is for it.  Once you have that, try using Replace([Fieldname],CharFromInt(CharCode),"-") in a formula tool.  






I wish that was an option.

The field has multiple values for names, some have hyphens but some do have spaces, so i can't apply one formula to convert all spaces to hyphens.