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[Alteryx Designer] How to Connect to Azure SQL Server using AD?

Alteryx Partner

Good Afternoon,


I have a question regarding SQL Database Connection in the Alteryx Designer.

I have a case where i want to get data from Azure SQL Database.

In my Azure SQL Database, i have an AAD (Azure Active Directory) installed.

In my SSMS, i can login using Authentication mode called Active Directory - Password to access my Azure Database.

My Question is :

I see that in Alteryx, i can only find SQL and Windows Authentication.

Is there any way to login and get my data in my Azure Database using Active Directory credentials? 

Appending my AD credentials with the servername using SQL Authentication is not working.


Note that i can connect to the Azure SQL Database just fine using SQL authentication, but this is the Superadmin account and i must use other account.





Hi @kevinalvino,


Thanks for your question! 


Have you tried 'Windows Authentication'? This should use your AD creds to authenticate. 


Let me know how it goes!



Alteryx Partner

Hi @AmeliaG


No, i haven't tried it.

But according to your suggestion, do you mean i need to import my AAD (Azure) into my Server AD and use Windows Authentication?





Hello, @AmeliaG,


Windows Authentication is actually different from Active Directory authentication, as they do not need to be the same sets of credentials.


We require Alteryx Designer AD connection capability for our Azure SQL Server DB connections. What is the best communication channel to submit this as a feature request?


@kevinalvino: What we have been doing as a work-around is to create an ODBC connection using DSN in Microsoft ODBC Administrator. Then, we create the connection as an ODBC connection in Alteryx. This creates additional work, however, when we create these connections on Alteryx Server, as we have to create individual connections per user with their credentials. This adds administrative overhead. Our goal is to get to DSN-less connections to our Azure SQL Server DBs, but we have not found a way to do it in Alteryx Designer.


Please let me know if you need additional information or details.


@AmeliaG: Do you know if Azure SQL Server DB Active Directory connections are in the works?




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