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Alteryx Connect Amazon Metadata Loader Workflows not Available


I'm trying to connect to an Amazon Redshift database and resources on Alteryx seem to apply to previous versions, so I'm running into a few blockers. I've tried leveraging the video at and the Data Source 

(1) Since I have "Connect" in my palette, with an ODBC loader function, I'm assuming I don't need to install connect per the video instructions at 00:42. Alteryx connect is not available/showing as it does in the video.

(2) I've downloaded Amazon Analytics Template for Amazon under Starter Kits in the License Manager portal


Per the video and a message upon completion of (1) and (2) above, I'm referred to Help>Sample Workflows>Alteryx Connect Metadata Loaders>Redshift Loader to observe sample workflows using Redshift. When selecting "Sample Workflows" from the help menu in the tool, "Alteryx Connect Metadata Loaders" does not appear as an option.


How can we download observe these sample workflows? Directions on redshift connections seems a bit light and some sample worklfows may provide the context and information I need to help unblock these connection woes. Thanks for your help.

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Alteryx Connect is one the tenets of the Alteryx platform and allows users across the organisation to discover and better understand assets within the data and analytics space. The video that you've shared is on inserting images into a Word document but I assume it was related to Alteryx Connect which leverages Metadata loaders to "harvest" metadata from data platforms like Amazon Redshift and surfaces it in its data catalogue. 


What you probably want to do is to connect your Alteryx Designer to Amazon Redshift. The only thing you need in this case is the ODBC driver which can be downloaded from here and credentials to authenticate on the platform - see here for more details.


Thanks Michael! Apologies for attaching the wrong link, this one should do: 


Any chance you can assist with accessing the referenced workflows mentioned in 01:09 of the below video? I've already downloaded the OBDC driver, but I'd like to take a look at these sample workflows as well.




Like I mentioned, this workflow is only relevant if you use Alteryx Connect as it's built to extract the metadata rather than the actual data. If you have the ODBC driver downloaded, install it and then configure a Redshift specific DSN entry within your ODBC admin 






Once configured, navigate to Alteryx Designer and use the Input Data tool. Depending on the version of Alteryx you're using, locate the ODBC or Redshift ODBC option and find the entry you've just created in the DSN list.