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Web Data Connection as a data source for Alteryx designer

7 - Meteor

We use Wrike as a tool in our organization. The company allows users to download data via a web data connector, which works "well" with tableau. I would like to use these set of tables on Alteryx. Is that possible? 

5 - Atom

Hey, I've never used Wrike but see the typical way of exporting the data is via rest API. It's slightly funky at first learning how to setup an API in alteryx.




In the post above neilgallen links a workflow you can use as a template to begin setting up the API.



Below is what I saw about exporting from Wrike.


Export BI Data

You can export BI data in one of two ways - using REST API or Account Backup tool. Using backup is recommended for manual export, while REST API can be used to automate the process.

  1. Authorize to API v4.

  2. Call the /data-export API method.

  3. Use the links in a response to download files with BI Export data. The links expire in 7 days.

Export using Account Backup tool

  1. Check the “Include BI export in backup” box on Account Settings page

  2. Download and run backup tool

  3. Backup folder will contain “bi” sub-folder with collection of CSV files

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Yes, you can use the Download tool to perform webscraping and API calls. If you're just pulling from a webpage in general, you don't need all of the parameters.


See this article for information:



7 - Meteor

@echuong1 @TimothyS Thank you both. Will look at these solutions, and see if they help my issue.