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Sequential Numbering of Groups

7 - Meteor

Good Evening...


I'm trying to give a group of data a specific number.  For instance:


Record ID   Ownership   Del Pt      Name                      Address                      State    Store #

       1                 20        12345678  Ben's Candy Barn   1 Horseshoe Lake        ON         1

       2             1220        12345678  Ben's Candy Barn   1 Horseshoe Lake        ON         1

       3               890            220789  Ben's Candy Barn   1 Horseshoe Lake        ON         1

       4             1220        12376789  Ben's Candy Barn   1 Promenade Dr           MB         2

       5               890            220899  Bens Candy Barn    1 Promenade Dr           MB         2

       6                20         12376789  Ben's Candy Barn    1 Promenade Dr           MB        2


In other words, if the next address and state below are the same, give it the same number as the one number above, if not give it the next sequential number.


I used the Record ID tool to give it the record number.  I think I can accomplish this by grouping and using the Multi-Row tool, but I think I've tried so many things, I've totally confused myself.  Is this even possible?  If so, how do you even get it started?  Among others, I've tried:


If [address_line_1] and [state] !=[address_line_1] and [state] then
[Record ID] else [Row+1: Record Id]
end if


I'm confused!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





9 - Comet

Hi there.  One of my favorite tools which you can use here is the Tile tool.  I kind of abbreviated your data set.  I often play with the parameters in the Tile tool.  I used the drop down to select "Unique"  for your address and state.  You can also try grouping by fields too if needed, but I didn't in this case.  I just listed that your address and state would need to be unique.  You get not only a 1 for the first set of addresses and a 2 for the next, but you also get a sequence within that set (1,2,3).  You can rename them with a Select.  Hope that helps.


7 - Meteor

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


I've only been trying to figure this out for 4 days!  LOL!!

9 - Comet

We've all been there... trust me. And there are often more ways than one to get to your answer, but the Tile tool "unique" feature is my fave.