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Search/Find in Output Windows or Browse Tool

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I often need to check a certain row or cell in my data as a sanity check. For this purpose I often want to search for a specific customer number or something similar, and then see if that customer number has the expected turnover or something. The only way I know how to do this currently is by outputting the data to a file, and then searching that file. This seems unecessarily time-consuming because I would like to just use a search function in the output window or browse tool. Is this not possible?

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Hi @PeterPetersen


There's no function to search the browse/output window, but you could use a Filter before a browse tool to accomplish the same thing? Just be sure to make the condition specific enough to get the result you need.

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This should absolutely be a feature - I end up copying data to a excel tab to search more often than not as filters clog up the workflow and re-running the workflow with each different filter often takes a long time.

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Blech.  Surely since this has been posted a search function has been produced?

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It took 2 years @CorCor, but it's now possible in 2019.2 🙂🙂