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Running a workflow programatically

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Hi there,


I have a use-case that I would like some guidance and assistance on. Consider that we have a workflow that:

  • takes a CSV as an input from a user, service, or API (note that the user here is external to the organization and interacts with us through a web front-end or an API)
  • runs a workflow using standardized data in the input CSV and other internal databases
  • outputs data in any format that allows the overall functionality to work
  • the output data is then passed on to another API or service to return it to the calling user

Looking for some guidance, best-practices, and demos as to how to make the above requirement a possibility.


Note that we have both the Designer and Server licenses.



18 - Pollux

If you are looking to trigger a worfklow via api you wlil need the server product. Not saying that you 100% can't do this via some wizardry. But you can't LEGALLY do it under the terms of your license agreement without Server.

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Yeah, as I mentioned we have the Server license as well.

11 - Bolide

@asadmasad1  - It sounds like you could leverage Alteryx Gallery API for pieces of your use-case.


Here are some links that can be helpful:



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Thanks - looks helpful indeed.