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Publish to Tableau Server - not authorized

7 - Meteor


can you please support me in setting the ‘Publish to Tableau Server’ tool?

I know that versions both of Alteryx and Tableau Server are important so saying shortly:


  • Alteryx returns an error:




  • The tool connects me to tableau server at first step (‘connect’ button works).

Then the ‘Configure Data Source’ panel is set up as:

Output options: Overwrite

Data source format: Tableau Data Extract(*.tde)

Project name and data source name are chosen correctly.


  • Alteryx version -  2019.3.2.15763
  • Tableau version -  2019.2.4 (20192.19.0917.1648) 64 bit
  • I can manually upload the .tde file through Tableau on the same account so surely I have permissions from the server to publish unless the server.


Can you please advise how can we solve it?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Grzegorz I believe this error was causing due to insufficient privileges on Tableau side.


Please reference the link below for more information:



7 - Meteor

For awareness, had a similar issue caused by two Tableau projects with the same name.  The Publish to Tableau tool shows the lowest level Tableau project folder.  So if there is a Tableau project structure like Team A > Project and Team B > Project make sure the Tableau group permissions are aligned.


In our case, the user had publish permissions to the project folder in Team A, but not Team B by design.  Since the publish to tableau tool in Alteryx only shows Project, the user will get this permission error if the Team B Project folder is selected.