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Passed Core Exam!

9 - Comet

Hi everyone!


After a few attempts at the first exam - i.e. the "Alteryx Core Certification" - I passed with a score of 90.7% last night!


My advice to others is to stay persistent and never let failure prevent you from retrying, finding out where (in which areas) you need to work to improve (if you do not pass the exam), and learn the "Nooks and Crannies" of Alteryx as you proceed in your certifications.


Before last night's attempt, my scores averaged around 69.2% and stagnated at that percentage until I continuously looked to see where I was having trouble. I also kept on revisiting the Documentation Page and making notes of the 'Nooks and Crannies' of the various tools.


Hope this helps and best of luck to all of you!



7 - Meteor


Is there any question bank where we can practice and appear for the exam.?Could you please share if you have any details.

Thank you.

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Hi @NicoleJohnson,


Hope you are doing very well and are staying safe!


I will need to re-take the Alteryx Core Designer Exam in early to mid-July because my certificate will lapse on July 23, '20, and I do not want to let that happen.


Once I pass it again, which I am sure that I will do after reviewing and refreshing myself thoroughly with the material taught, I plan to take the second-level "Alteryx Advanced Designer Exam."


Besides the ^^^^ guide, which I downloaded from this site, is there any place where I can go to take a practice timed exam?


Thank you very much, Nicole, and take care!


Very Best,


Thanks for sharing your experience on Alteryx Core certification.


I am trying for certification , i have attempted 4 times so far getting 45%,68%,71%,73%  still preparing and most probably in next 2 weeks i will attempt one more time.


taking notes on documentation for each tool , at least this time i need to complete.





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Hello Raghu,


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me! Very much appreciated!


I am providing the following tips from my experience with the Alteryx Core Designer Exam which (by the way) has changed since my post that indicated that I passed the Core Exam - that post by me was two years ago.


Yes, taking good notes helps on the Documentation tools, but, more importantly trying the weekly challenges helps with the 7 or 8 questions that involve creating workflows in Alteryx, based on large Excel sheets/tables. What I found, is that the Excel/Alteryx questions are more involved and count more in the Alteryx (first-level) Core Designer Exam -so by being able to piece together workflows, from the practical exercises that are there, should help you increase your marks to a minimum passing score of 80%. If you like, you can also create your own Excel tables (just make them small) and feed them into an Alteryx workflow of your choice (make sure that use as many of the preparation tools' family, as you can - these are the most important ones).


Raghu -the most important thing on this exam is to manage your time good, as the two hours expires before you know it. I had trouble finishing the exam because I did not know the new format of the first-level exam until I needed to re-take it to try to keep my certificate active, and only saw the Excel/Alteryx questions for the first time a month ago.


Hope this helps and please let me know if I can help you in other ways.


Best of luck,



Thank you very much Chandra for your valuable information


I have tried 2 times but still did not get required %, i have started again for reading and practicing about all tools in Altery.

i will try to solve questions weekly challenges as you suggested mainly i am failing to solve those practical questions only in exam.


i hope for the best next time.