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Oracle Database read speed too slow

7 - Meteor

I have connected my Alteryx Designer to a corporate Oracle database, I need to fetch datasets sometimes with more than 10 million records. The typical number is between 1 and 5 million. Nr. of columns is usually between 20 and 40.


I am testing now the connection, and it takes me around 50-60 minutes to read a dataset of 1.3 million records. This means that a larger set would not be available during a full working day if I started in the morning.


When I am using a competing similar software (KNIME), which uses the same driver (stored in a different folder of course), the same SQL command, the same sample took only 5 minutes.


Reading previous posts in the community, it seems this issue has never been really solved, more just different workarounds are being proposed. I've tried everything I could find here, but no real success.


Unfortunately this topic is a show stopper for me, unless I can get Alteryx to read around 10 million records per hour (or max 2h), I simply cannot use it in my work.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


12 - Quasar



We had a POC last year comparing Powercenter informatica and Alteryx in combination with a Oracle db :-), feel free to send me a pm. 





5 - Atom



I have a similar scenario to yours did you find a solution to this.