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Import multiple excel files with different sheet names

7 - Meteor

I am able to use batch macros to input different files with same sheet names, but how do I do it with different sheet names with different files? So i want to be able to pick up a particular sheet among multiple sheets with different sheet names and different file names, the only similarity i can see in the sheet names that i want to input in from all different files is the first word of the sheet name.

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Check this macro. and you can put a filter to retain the worksheets you need.

7 - Meteor


Solved earlier issues, it was the formula tool that I added for the condition of the sheet name that was creating problems, replaced it with a filter tool and a formula tool.


HOWEVER now the batch macro isn't processing all the files in the directory just returning the output for the file i configured in the macro.