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Export to the excel - two tabs - any help is appreciated!

6 - Meteoroid



I am trying to get export the results to the same excel workbook, Can I do that? Or create a new workbook with two tabs in it not separate workbooks? 


Please see attached workflow.



Any help is appreciated!

12 - Quasar

Rather than connecting an Output tool to the Browse tool.  Have a second connector coming out of your Summarize tool and have that going into the Output tool.   Also if you are reading,and writing to the same file, add a Block Until Done, prior to your output tool, so that it's not trying to write the output while it's in the middle of reading the file.

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you Mark. 


I want to export the two browse end points to excel in two tabs. I have attached the workflow to original question. I see the summarize in the bottom result but the cross tab is in the top - do I connect to that? 


Thank you for the help. 

13 - Pulsar

Hi @smurad008 


I can't run your workflow, because the data file wasn't attached, but I believe I have the gist of what you want to do. 


To output to the same Excel Workbook in the workflow you attached, you'd need to add a Block Until Done tool right before the Formula tool in your screen grab. You can then link to the same Excel file and just change the Sheet names. I've attached an updated copy of your workflow. 


Let me know if this works for you.





8 - Asteroid

You can use block until tool and set 2 outputs with same name but different sheet name. 


Please refer this as an example workflow.



1. Here you can see that block until tool is used.

2. The output names are same "test.xlsx"

3. The sheet name is different "Sheet1" and "Sheet2"


If this solves your issue please mark the answer as correct, if not let me know.