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Execution depending on the platform

7 - Meteor

Please, is there a way to add a condition to execute the objects in a container only if the workflow is running in the server?

My question is because a workflow sends emails. However, due to the company policies, that isn't possible from our machines but that's possible from the server.

Thank you!

Patrick Fredin

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @pfredin ,


There is one way you can do this. For the server version, create a constant in the workflow settings:




You can then wrap the email output into a macro and feed this constant value in as a batch parameter. Connect the batch parameter to the container in which your email tool sits. Use the action tool to switch the button off if the constant does not equal "Server".

You can then lock the macro so the designer users don't have access to see the logic that is disabling the email.


Hope this helps,




8 - Asteroid

You shouldn't need to create your own constant and have two versions of the workflow. You can use the Engine GuiInteraction constant:

  • GuiInteraction: A Boolean value indicating whether or not a workflow is being run from the GUI. When a workflow is run from the Alteryx Designer or Analytic App interface, the returned value will be True or 1. When a workflow is run from command line, the returned value is false, or 0.



So if running from the Gallery, the value will be False / 0. 


You can use this as a Control Parameter to dynamically close containers as detailed here - 

7 - Meteor

That's an awesome solution, thank you very much!