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Dynamic Input tool bug - Unhandled Exception Error

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I seem to have been having a lot of issues with the Dynamic Input tool since updating Alteryx to 11.7.4. Workflows that were running perfectly fine on previous versions are now giving me multiple unhandled exception error screen in a row when the workflow hits the Dynamic Input tool (it's the last tool on the bottom of the "Results - Workflow - Messages" window), then the workflow will not stop even after I click the little stop button, and finally I will have to use Task Manager to close that instance of Alteryx. 


So in an effort to work around this bug, I removed the dynamic input tool and just used a standard input tool instead. I noticed that the log file at the bottom still appears to be running dynamic input tool even though I deleted it. 

Dynamic Input IssueDynamic Input Issue



















This only appears to be one of the issues however, because the dynamic input should not be having this issue in the first place.


Other information:

  • Input Data tools both are querying a DB2 SQL database
  • Input Data (1) contains a SQL subquery
  • Both queries run perfectly fine using other SQL tools outside of Alteryx

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

HI @tyso0042,

I recommend contacting Alteryx Customer Support at support@alteryx.com regarding this particular error.  Attach a copy of your workflow (they obviously won't be able to get to run successfully since it is hitting your DB with encrypted credentials) as well the error logs referred to in that message.  Those log files are usually found in C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Engine\Logs and C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\ErrorLogs\AlteryxEngine. 

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Hi Atom,

 I'm having the same problem as well. did you find any solution for it?

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I'm experiencing the same issue, hope to find a solution soon!