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Dynamic Filter

7 - Meteor

Hi Community Members,


I am not sure if the same case already been shared hence posting again.

I have requirement wherein i want to apply dynamic filter from a column and take out 1st 10 rows for each filter value. Sample data is attached and based on this data i want to filter the sector values dynamically and take out the first 10 rows from A, B, C. In actual data the filter values are more than 20 so dont want to go by filter tool. Please share if anyone has better solution.Filter.PNG

14 - Magnetar

Hi, @RekhaS 


Like this? 




Maybe the option 'First N rows' + 'Group by' of Sample tool is the key point.



20 - Arcturus

@RekhaS If you want to take only the 10 records from each sheet, use the sample tool as @flying008 mentioned. I updated your previous post workflow and attached

Screenshot 2023-07-18 093707.png

7 - Meteor

Actually i need to  take out rows not exactly from 1st line but from 10th row to 15th row. Same for all filtered values. Also in the raw data we have null values for all A,B...

will the mentioned solution work here, then will apply the same


20 - Arcturus

@RekhaS Updated the workflow to pick only the rows 10-15 and removed the null rows

Screenshot 2023-07-18 122851.png