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Creating a list of records with input errors?

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I am importing a CSV file into Alteryx with many fields. Unfortunately, certain records have inadvertent commas (i.e. some records have a field where both first and last name is used [Doe, John]). Alteryx is reading those "extra" commas as a field separator. 


As such, I have records that receive an import error based on having too many fields. I've enabled the check-box to treat these only as warnings. What I am wondering is:


1) Is there a way to create an output with only the records that have import errors? After browsing around these forums, it does not seem like there is a direct way to achieve this.


2) Alternatively -- in the workflow message box, I get the message that "Record 1 has too many fields", "Record 2 has too many fields", etc. But if there are more than 10 records with import errors, a Summary message says "50 records have too many fields (First 10 Shown)". I'd like to know the record number on ALL records with import errors. Is there any way to achieve this? 


Thanks for the help!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

One thing you could do is to change the delimiter in the Input Data tool to a "\n" which will bring in all data without errors/warnings for each line.

Then you can use a Text to Columns tool with a comma delimiter and set the number of columns to one more than how many columns you should have and "Leave Extra in Last Field".

This way the rows with the "bad" data will show up with data in the last column and you can filter them out to fix.

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Hi RodL


While I am trying this solution should I also select "Treat Read Errors as Warnings" option ? When I am trying to read the csv file without selecting this option I am still getting an error.