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Conditional run of containers.

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Hi Team,


I have a workflow which has 5 containers producing 5 outputs.


here is my scenario:


container1 has file 1 which gets union with history data needs to run every 20 mins. container2 to container 5 (4 containers) which writes 4 output files which needs to run once a day.


Shortly to put.


after the first run in a day these needs to get disabled with container 1 having file 1 getting union with history yxdb needs to get enabled.


all 5 containers to have enabled for first run of the day. 2 to 5 containers needs to get disabled after the first run of the day.



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Hi @Pradeep66 


1)You can use the DateTimeDiff formula to check de difference between DateTimeNow() - the datetime of the execution of the workflow - and the datetimes that something should or not happen:






2)You can use the previous result to enable/desable containers:

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I am having 10 million records from alteryx that gets published to tableau every 20 minutes if there is a latest file. I have used count of latest file>0 as a boolean expression to pass to macro to enable or disable container. this in turn working good. Thank you @Felipe_Ribeir0  your reply helped me shape my direction of logic.