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Append Cluster error write YXDBStreaming

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Hi all,


I'm running a K-centroids cluster analysis and everything is okay until i try to 'append Cluster'.

I've got an error 'error in write YXDBStreaming' and don't undertand why and how i can fix it...


I noticed that when i put the Append fields tool after the select tool, everything is okay. Does it mean it's the only way to use the append tool?



Somebody has some idea please?



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Putting both the K-Centroids Cluster Analysis and Append tools after the select tool is probably your best bet because Alteryx is probably changing the format of the data in some fundamental way. That error can be due to the structure of the data coming directly out of the input tool vs the select tool.


This is my thought considering @JohnJPS's post here


Please let me know if this works as I have been working with my own set of issues with the clustering tools.

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Thanks for your reply! The link helps me a lot. I finally put a R tool by writing :


"allocate_Input <- read.Alteryx("#1")
allocate_Input[] <- lapply(allocate_Input, as.character)


And it works perfectly! Thanks again :)

Hope this post help other people!