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Turn off Notifications?

8 - Asteroid

We are standing up Connect and would like to mute all the notifications until we are ready to roll. Every time we complete a change, delete a source/report/workflow etc - an email gets generated and sent to all related parties for that item. Getting really challenging to send out a "Pay no attention to the email you just received" notices every time. I've been unable to find anything that speaks to this...anywhere...

Can anyone provide some insight here?



Hi @NoSass ,


there is no switch. What you can do is to remove the configuration of the SMTP server (or just modify it to non-existing hostname), so Connect does not send any emails until you are ready to send them.  


What we are working on right is the option for the user to turn-off notifications on auto-loaded content. But what you are looking for is to have a master switch for such notifications for all users. I'll have a look what I can do with that and will try to get it done as well in current release.

Vojta T., PM for Connect
8 - Asteroid

On a similar note, the email notifications that are received are not easily marked or flagged/prefixed as coming from Alteryx. I expect that this is on purpose so that data owners can't "hide" from changes/comments on their areas of expertise, but from a time management point of view, it would be good to be able to flag them in some way so that a rule can be run on them in the users inbox, and they can batch up their reviews/answers.


For example if there was a prefix like [Alteryx Connect] then this would be easier...


Interested in others thoughts on this. Is it done like this on purpose??