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Missing Nexus Inputs

6 - Meteoroid

Hello all,


I have an analytic workflow in connect that is missing the DB inputs in the nexus lineage. If I look at the data connections under the nexus section it looks like this:




It shows that the match is 0. How does alteryx connect match inputs to the workflow and is there a way to fix/troubleshoot this? Has anyone had this issue before?





8 - Asteroid

Hi Chris,


When you hooked up the Alteryx metadata loader to your Gallery, it ingested all technical metadata including information about the data sources that fed your workflow. A '0 match' happens when the underlying data source(s) listed under Data Connections have not been loaded into Connect.


Using the server and database information, find the missing data source, setup the appropriate metadata loader and bring it into Connect. Once it's there, Connect will automatically make the match (100) and draw the lineage in Nexus.

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks James for the suggestion. I also noticed that some of the database names had spaces in it so I updated those as well. It is working now.