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Connect Permission setting issue

8 - Asteroid

Hello everybody,

I faced some bug during Connect configuring.

When I give CREATECHILD permission to some folder to some group, members of other groups could not create any content in system (“+” button became disappeared) and in log I have following:

15:09:59.954 [http-nio-80-exec-6] INFO  c.s.x.s.Xf3AuthenticationProvider - User XXXXX has logged in to the system

15:10:00.737 [http-nio-80-exec-9] ERROR cz.semanta.xf3.lucene.LuceneManager - Failed to parse Lucene query from string 'canparent:true'.

15:10:00.741 [http-nio-80-exec-9] ERROR cz.semanta.xf3.lucene.LuceneManager - Failed to build boosted query for canparent:true

cz.semanta.xf3.XformsCheckedException: Query is null

        at cz.semanta.xf3.lucene.LuceneManager.buildBoostedQuery( ~[classes/:na]

        at cz.semanta.xf3.lucene.LuceneManager.isDocExist( ~[classes/:na]

        at$Xf3Query.isExist( [classes/:na]

        at cz.semanta.xf3.XformsUtils.canCurrentUserCreate( [classes/:na]

        at cz.semanta.xf3.presentation.CreateEntryController.createDialog(CreateEntryController.kt:20) [classes/:na]

        at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor536.invoke(Unknown Source) ~[na:na]

        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( ~[na:1.8.0_131-1-ojdkbuild]

Please help me. I cannot set up proper permissions at Customer’s environment.

15 - Aurora
Hey @AndreyBaburov

I think you should send this error to


Hi Andrey, 

I am curious, if the mentioned users of other groups cannot create content in any place in connect or just created folder.

If yes it looks that you are lack of create permisions on home (it corresponds to attached error) and they dont siply lack of any create permissions.

Please specify folder and its permissions and also home permissions (and if possible attach printscreens) 


Important thing you have to keep in mind is the permissions are taking place since folder where they are introduced / usualy on home where they are inherited to child objects.


If screens are not ideal for you, you can also specify steps to reproduce issue in a fresh environment.


With best regards, 


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Hi Petr,

I have several groups from customer's requirements. One of them "Users" - default group  with read-only rights. Everybody is member of this group. Also we have several groups by user roles: e.g.  Analyst, DWH Analyst...

So, on Home page I ve setup  view rights for Users:





















Then on some specific folder in Data Sources (or in any place) I'd like to setup CREATECHILD permission to DWH Analysts:


After that when I try to login with user who is not member of  these groups , e.g. Analyst, I ve got described error. 

User rights:



Hi Andrey, 


from attached printscreen I see the following:

- members of Users group has been granted for view and commenting on Home.

If the Users group hasnt assigned permissions on other folder, they propably lack create<createchild> permissions at all.

I suggest that you a create at least one place in Connect where the Users group will have Createchild permission. 

Please let me know if this help.


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Hello Petr,

Thank you for your response.

The solution was -to assign every permission at Home page to  Administrators and overwrite in subfolders where necessary.

Some of the permissions were missed on the Home page level and it  leads this error.