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Alteryx Connect. Using LDAP groups for authorization

Alteryx Partner


We are implementing a project with Alteryx Connect in the Bank.

So I have a question from their IT Security officers:

Bank’s security regulations require to use LDAP groups to authorize users inside each Bank application.

Please advise me how I can set integration with LDAP to use LDAP’s groups and membership for Alteryx Connect authorization?

Alteryx Certified Partner

As per this help link, I clicked on Use Windows Authentication for Single Sign-on under Administration Console > Connect Configuration > Single Sign-On. It keeps returning a Connect Sign-in page for me though, the Active Directory integration didn't work for me. Hopefully better luck for you!

Alteryx Partner


SSO is okey, but authorization is something another. In another word Customer wants to use AD groups to setup permissions for Alteryx Connect

We have similar interests/concerns over the Alteryx authorization model, but as it relates to Alteryx Server, not specifically Alteryx Connect. 


It would be nice to see if Alteryx has a more comprehensive approach to use of a structure like Active Directory for authorization. 


Hi Andrey,

currently there is no official support for that but it is on our Connect's Roadmap for 2019. 


Vojta T., PM for Connect