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Connect New Install - What should be base url

8 - Asteroid

I completed a new install of Alteryx Connect.

I am in Configuration page right now.

Just like a base URL for Gallery where users access Gallery, the base URL for connect should be set to a URL other than https://localhost

for example:


Our galley is




it should be https://localhost which is the default?


Thank you.

8 - Asteroid

Yes. Best practice is to replace localhost with a fully qualified domain name. 

8 - Asteroid

Thank you for the update.


It's not only best practise, but also crucial for all functions to work correctly. 

Even though most of the links are relative url, users can access Connect with URL different to the one set as baseurl, but in some cases Connect is using absolute url and users would suddenly be redirected to "localhost/something", which of course won't work for them. Examples are all the links in notification emails and links in the Nexus diagram. 

Vojta T., PM for Connect