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Adding website as an asset in connect

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We have a few dashboards accessible through a URL, and I would like users to see these solutions/data sources/reports when searching for specific tags.


Does anyone have any insights or recommendations for adding a website in Connect?


Hi @BDay ,

you can either use our metadata loaders to load such information automatically (from your reporting server).


Or you can add any asset manually (e.g. Report) and then specify URL of the report:

  1. first of all you need to have some folder e.g Insights (folder entry type: report, all entries: "type:report")
  2. then in this folder you can create individual reports clicking the Create (+) button
  3. enter your report name e.g. Sales Overview and Save
  4. on detail page enter description and also URL Link and Save

You have now report Sales Overview with OPEN button which leads to actual report.


I hope this helped.


Connect team