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February may have a few less days than the other months but that didn’t stop our community members from putting up some incredible numbers, even for a regular month! Let’s take a look at the February 2022 Top Contributors why don’t we?



@atcodedog05  – 194 solutions authored - Re: Date/Time Parse

@binuacs  – 54 solutions authored -  Re: Transpose tool

@Qiu  – 32 solutions authored - Re: Single/First Join


Congrats to our top 3 problem solvers on remaining in the top two months in a row! In addition to maintaining your place on the leaderboard, you all exceeded your number of solutions authored in February compared to January!










@tiverson – 16 threads started

@grossal – 13 threads started

@arsh011 – 9 threads started









@atcodedog05 – 698 replies - Re: Date/Time Parse

@Qiu  – 187 replies - Re: Expanding Hierarchical Data  

@binuacs  – 185 replies - Re: How to identify duplicates? Unique tool shows false duplicates - weird.










@atcodedog05 – 502 likes - Re: Date/Time Parse

@binuacs  – 184 likes - 

Re: How to identify duplicates? Unique tool shows false duplicates - weird.

@Qiu  – 183 likes -  Re: Expanding Hierarchical Data  


Another category where our top 3 maintained their spots AND surpassed their January numbers! We really “like” having you in the Alteryx Community!


The top liked post this month was How to: Autosize columns in excel output - Macro attached. The top liked solution was Re: transposer des valeurs en colonnes si doublon. Congrats on all of the likes @AlexEntz and @messi007  !


The Server Admin user group was the most engaged in February.