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After a brief hiatus, the Top Contributors blog is BACK with not one but two months of stats that show why the Alteryx Community members are the best! August and September were great months in the Alteryx Community, and a large part of that is due to the contributions of our incredible members, both those listed below and those that were so close (maybe next month!)




August 2022

@DataNath – 87 Solutions

@IraWatt – 59 Solutions

@binuacs  – 49 Solutions


September 2022

@DataNath  - 87 Solutions

@binuacs  – 54 Solutions

@IraWatt  – 48 Solutions


This marks FIVE months in a row with the same top 3 problem solvers! I’m curious to see if any of our members will be able to break this streak and make it into the top 3 problem solvers!




August 2022

@BRRLL99 – 25 Threads Started

@Kinetic_analytics – 16 threads started

@TheOC  – 10 threads started


September 2022

@Felipe_Ribeir0 – 18 Threads Started

@Srawat  – 12 threads started

@BRRLL99 – 11 Threads Started


Congrats to @BRRLL99 for making it into the Conversation Starters in August and September! Keep up the good work!




August 2022

@DataNath – 205 replies

@IraWatt – 177 replies

@binuacs – 171 replies


September 2022

@grazitti_sapna – 241 replies

@Emmanuel_G – 197 replies

@DataNath – 187 replies


September broke a five-month streak of the same community members in prolific posters. Welcome to the club @grazitti_sapna and @Emmanuel_G! And congrats to @DataNath for maintaining your spot for half the year!




August 2022

@IraWatt – 184 likes

@DataNath – 157 likes

@Qiu  – 126 likes


September 2022

@IraWatt - 181 likes

@DataNath – 128 likes

@MarqueeCrew – 122 likes


Shout out to @IraWatt for making it into the Peer Reviewed category five times in a row and to @Qiu for making it in for over half of this year!