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Time for some Summer activities! I hope everyone puts on their sunscreen this month; we have some Top Contributors that really shine bright! Without further ado, let's dive right into the month’s top users!  


New User Spotlight




Our new user shout-out this month goes to @czello! Just like a road trip somewhere new, this user has embarked on their Community journey with a bang! Not only has this user started off strong marking and getting solutions, they have also been active in the weekly challenge boards. Diving into learning Alteryx, asking questions, and getting those questions answered, we would like to spotlight this user to cheer them on as they take the Community by storm!


Problem solvers – Most solutions




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I don’t know about you, but I cant think of any problems that wouldn't get solved by going out into the wilderness and embracing the peace and quiet. These users but always be at their inner peace with the number of solutions they post in each month. Camping puts other people’s minds at ease the same way these users put other people's problems at ease!


Top 3 users of May

@binuacs – 43 solutions

@Raj – 27 solutions

@alexnajm – 23 solutions


Solutions Savant – Most solutions accepted




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Staying on brand with acceptable things, nothing is more acceptable in the summer thanarty! If the Community was a great big pool, and all of the users were having a pool party, these users would be the ones cleaning the bugs out of the pool whenever they landed there. Marking solutions improve having a pool p the experience for everyone, and these users know all about improving things wherever they go.


Top 3 users of May

@PassION_es  – 17 solutions marked

@BRRLL99  – 11 solutions marked

@aatalai  – 9 solutions marked


Conversation Starter – Threads Started




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Exploratory in nature, these users posted the most in the month of May. Just like a hiker, nothing stands in the way of these users as they venture where not many have gone before, seeking answers and information the likes of which have never been seen.  


Top 3 users of May

@KamenRider  – 14 threads

@PassION_es – 10 threads

@saachitalwar – 9 threads


Prolific Posters – Most Replies




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Fire up the grill! Just like the grill master at any backyard barbeque, our Prolific Posters always know just what to do or say to make everyone’s days just that much better. Like putting something on the grill, these users take care and consideration when interacting with others on the Community, always lending a hand and solving problems with their work.


Top 3 users of May

@Raj – 233 replies (!!!)

@aatalai  –156 replies

@alexnajm – 152 replies



Peer reviewed – Most likes received




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The museum is the ultimate summer excursion; it's air-conditioned, you get to see cool things, and you learn a lot while you visit! While it would be nice to show these users off in a museum of their own, we need them in the Community because of the amazing content they bring to the table. (That won’t stop us from giving them a pedestal in this post!)


Top 3 users of May

@binuacs – 71 likes

@Qiu– 67 likes

@alexnajm – 65 likes



Thanks again to everyone who may not have made the list! Your contributions are what keep everyone else going, and we appreciate each and every one of you!


See you next time!