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This month, our Top Contributors really took it upon themselves to get to the root of the problems people had. Let's take a look at how busy the Maveryx have ben this month! 



New User Spotlight



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Special shout out to @barrymoe, who has hit the ground running on the Maveryx Community by earning his micro and Core certification but has also been active in the weekly challenges in their first month on Community. Keep up the great work!


Problem solvers – Most solutions



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Did you know that the chestnut tree has been dubbed the most useful tree in the world? The chestnut tree has many uses, from the chestnuts themselves to the wood produced by the trees. Since the chestnut tree has many uses, which is why we have chosen to liken them to our users with the most solutions in the month of April. These users provided answers and solutions where none were to be found by anyone else!


Top 3 users of April

@binuacs – 39 solutions

@alexnajm - 33 Solutions

@usmanbashir – 32 solutions



Solutions Savant – Most solutions accepted



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The blooming of Cherry Blossom trees in the spring represents vitality, beauty, and life. Much like the cherry blossom tree, our users that marked the most solutions also bring life and vitality to the Community, marking solutions helps everyone find information and solutions for problems long after the original was solved. Cherry Tree’s short lifespan is the only thing that differentiates itself Community, as solutions are forever!


Top 3 users of April

@BRRLL99 – 12 solutions marked

@KamenRider  - 11 solutions marked

@duttaabhishek – 9 solutions marked


Conversation Starter – Threads Started



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Palm trees can grow almost as high as the heights our conversation starters reached in the month of April. These users know what it takes to start out in a crowd, kind of like how a palm tree would proudly stand out when placed next to other trees. These users embody what it means to be a maverick by posting questions often and bringing their own knowledge to new heights every day!


Top 3 users of April

@KamenRider – 14 threads started 

@Alteryxexpert - 10 threads started

@BRRLL99 - 8 threads started 


Prolific Posters – Most Replies



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Did you know that if you see hundreds of aspens grouped together, it is technically only one organism? A network of roots connects all these trees underground, spanning many miles and popping up everywhere. An Aspen Grove is much like Community; when you go into certain posts in any area of Community, there is bound to be a comment by one of these users. They. Spread their proverbial root system and expand their outreach and knowledge to any post they can find.


Top 3 users of April

@alexnajm  – 184 replies(!!!)

@aatalai – 143 replies

@Qiu – 126 replies


Peer reviewed – Most likes received



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The users that received the most likes this past April were really fan favorites! These users embody the evergreen tree because of their consistency and year-round content contribution. These three users are ones you can look at and know exactly what they're all about, especially their dedication to community well-being.


Top 3 users of April

@simonaubert_bd – 102 likes

@Qiu – 90 likes

@caltang – 81 likes



Don’t get all sappy—we'll be back next month with another Community Top Contributors blog! Thank you to all who participated, even those who didn't make the top three. We'll see you next time! 


See you next time!