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Welcome to the October 2022 edition of the Community Highlights and Release blog! You may think that two Halloween movie themes in a row for this blog is too much. We did not think so and decided to go for it. Plus, some people think Nightmare before Christmas is a holiday movie. Let us know what you think in the comment section! 


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Need To Know 


This month was the month of user system updates! We’ve updated the Recent Activity to include replies, so users can now see all their engagement across the community in easy filter tabs. We’ve also added subscribe buttons to all event areas and blogs. Now users can keep up to date on all the latest posts and events in their favorite user groups and our other event areas, as well as subscribe to our blog areas on the spot after reading the coolest and newest articles in those areas. 


We’ve also returned the ellipsis menu on mobile view, so users once again edit their posts and access other post options on the go. We’re also looking into other mobile behaviors so stay tuned as we put the final touches on those updates. 


Finally, we’re making moves in our certification area, so keep an eye out for new announcements from our Certification team soon! 


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Community News 


Inspire EMEA was...inspiring, for lack of a better word! Meeting more community members in person and hearing what the Alteryx Community means to you is what Inspire is all about for us. The Community team hosted a Top Contributors VIP Event for more than 55 Top Contributors (ACEs, UGLs, future ACEs, Community team members, and Alteryx associates). We were so excited and proud to see @Jean-Balteryx, ACE and User Group Leader, win the Grand Prix!  


Our User Group program is excited to announce we are launching 9 New Pilot User Groups in the next Quarter! The DACH UG hosted the 1st in-person Meeting on-site with more than 35 German-speaking Users! 


We are so excited to announce we will be hosting a Halloween scavenger hunt next week (Oct 31-Nov 4) on the Alteryx Community. Check out our post here to learn more about hunting for our ghost and candy corn friends around the Community and join our Alteryx Community Halloween party!  


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Read and Listen


Did you hear? This month we began highlighting User Group Leaders in spotlight blog articles in addition to ACEs. We also learned about best practices when it comes to workflow governance (at the end of this article, there is a handy downloadable checklist). And Samantha Hughes finished up her three-part series on in-DB tools and Snowflake. Finally, we got to see the data behind the scenes of the McLaren Formula 1 Simulator.


The Alter Everything Podcast mixed it up with a new format—in episode 116: What does Oktoberfest have to do with cloud?, we heard from Alex Gnibus as she interviewed Snowflake experts in the field. And if you like learning about data strategy, listen to Steve Brodrick’s experience and tips for building your data democratization strategy.


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So many amazing things are happening in our Community this month! If you attended Inspire EMEA, I hope you had an incredible experience that continues here on the Alteryx Community. I’ll be back in November for the next edition of the highlights and release blog. Happy Halloween!