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Alteryx Community Team



Welcome to the latest edition of Community Highlights!  Your one stop shop for all things Alteryx Community. For first time readers, this ongoing blog series delivers a curated dose of the latest community happenings so that you can keep a pulse on what’s hot, who’s in, and all of the latest trends.

In Case You Missed It

*Community news & announcements.


Community v19.6


You may have noticed some changes to the look & feel of the Community, most notably on the home page and the navigation.




Learn more about what's included in Alteryx Community Version 19.6


Get the Buzz on Inspire Europe


It's officially inspire Europe season... and the Inspire Buzz is back in full swing! Visit the Inspire 2019 Buzz to stay up-to-date, connect with peers & ask questions about the event! Join the conversation and share your experience on the latest threads:



Congratulations to our Top Community Contributors


Each month, we like to take the time to celebrate our Community and thank the top 3 Community members who share the most solutions and receive the most stars. Find out who made it to the top this July: Top Contributors | July 2019


Never. Stop. Learning.

*Alteryx Academy. All the training resources you need.


Updates to Interactive Lessons


We are thrilled to share that a new course of interactive lessons is now available in Academy! In just 9 short lessons, you'll be equipped with everything you need to know to parse your data!


Parsing Data.png


The Parsing course includes lessons on parsing data using beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques. From splitting data based on a delimiter, to using RegEx to parsing XML, there’s something for everyone!


Oinkyay! oinkyay!Oinkyay! oinkyay!Weekly Challenge


Challenge #173: Tour de France - Crow Edition: The Tour de France is one of the most grueling competitions on the planet. Each year, incredibly fit athletes push the limits of human endurance to traverse some 3000+ kilometers (2000 miles) over about a three-week period ON A BIKE. But what do birds think about all this? Try your hand at this introductory spatial challenge to calculate a bird’s path of the Tour de France.

Challenge #174: Appyhay Ondaymay!: Using Alteryx to translate text into Pig Latin? Etlay's ytray isthay oneyay orfay ourselvesyay! ( Let's try this one for ourselves!)


Racers, start your engines! Get ready for the Grand Prix at Inspire Europe by completing these challenges!



Ready to enter the competition? Check out @JimmyG's blog for more details on how to answer the call for racers: Registration for the 2019 Inspire Europe Grand Prix is now open


Are there other Alteryx skills you’d like to put into practice? No problem. We’ve got you covered. You can browse all of the available challenges by difficulty and subject right here.


Culture & Events

*Immerse yourself in data and analytics culture.


New episodes | Alter Everything Podcast


The month of July was full of Inspire Nashville nostalgia as we featured our bi-annual “Live from Inspire” podcast series, and rounded out the month with an inspiring story about coffee farmers in Guatemala.


1TRX0330 (1).jpg


Episode 36: Lyrically brilliant served as our kick-off for a series of episodes that were recorded in Nashville Tennessee at the annual Alteryx Inspire conference. For this first episode in the series, we were joined by Julia Cole, Nashville Recording Artist at CAA Creative Artists Agency for a chat about the inner workings of being a country music artist in Nashville and her Women’s Sports Social movement. Julia also joined us for the Women of Analytics sponsored “Analytics as an Equalizer” panel.

Episode 37: Unlocking the data story, was part 2 of our “Live from Inspire Nashville” series and featured Healthcare Industry User Group leader, @NPT, and Atlanta User Group Leader, @Korri. Nathan and Korri both shared their stories about their journey to being leaders and mentors in the analytics world. Be sure to stay tuned until the end to hear both of their stories about how their positive attitudes and drive to help others has had an effect on their careers.

Episode 38: You don’t need to split an atom, was part 3 of our “Live from Inspire Nashville” series, and featured Alteryx Addicts @alanwalter from Australia, @chriswilliams41 from the Portland User Group, and @LMason, CPA extraordinaire. Alan, Chris, and Lanier walked us through their takes on the past, present and future of analytics culture.

Episode 39: De la gente, featured world traveler and marketing strategist, Mindy Grantham. Mindy reflected on her time spent in Guatemala working with coffee farmers, and commented on how climate change is affecting sustainability in the coffee industry.


Share your thoughts for a chance to win BIG!


Love giving feedback? We’re rolling out a new survey for you to share your listening preferences and have a say in the creation of future episodes. Fill out our Alter Everything Podcast audience engagement survey to let us know how we can improve. The first 100 people to complete the survey and enter will be eligible to win one out of five pairs of Bluetooth headphones - we all know how much you love swag!

Subscribe to Alter Everything on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Soundcloud, or your favorite podcast app to hear our upcoming series of episodes that were recorded at Inspire!


User Group News

*Find Your People, Build Your Network.


The Alteryx User Groups have many things cookin’ up for Q3. Make sure to join a Local or Industry/Departmental User Group to stay up to date on upcoming meetings!


Local User Groups


The London Alteryx User Group held their 21st (you read that right!) meeting, where they utilized weather data in Alteryx to predict the future forecast, collaborated through structured networking, and reviewed highlights from Inspire Nashville. In typical London AUG fashion, they ended the evening at a local pub (Fun fact: the London User Group originally met in pubs!). The next London User Group meeting will take place on 3 September. Register today.


London User GroupLondon User Group         MarqueeCrew visits the TC User Group!MarqueeCrew visits the TC User Group!


At this most recent Twin Cities Alteryx User Group meeting the group learned how @Komiskey helped a client locate business opportunities with Alteryx Geospatial tools and welcomed a new User Group Leader @AidanBramel who shared her Inspire Nashville experience. Last but not least, the one and only @MarqueeCrew made a guest appearance and enlightened the group with even more Geospatial tidbits. The next TC AUG meeting will take place on August 15th at SuperValu! Register today.


Industry & Departmental User Groups


Meeting recaps for the Marketing and Tax, Audit, & Office of Finance Inspire meetings are now available on the Community!


  • At the Marketing User Group meeting, @tessa shared her journey revealing how she got her start in the analytics field. From funeral services to legal services and then back to school, she eventually landed her dream job at Garmin. Check out the Marketing UG Meeting Recap for additional details.
  • Leaders @alyon and @fosterking led the Tax, Audit, & Office of Finance  meeting, where they invited @ephij from JP Morgan Chase to present on how to make decisions efficiently, prototyping quickly, and testing to fail fast and succeed quickly. Check out the TAOF Meeting Recap to find out what you might have missed.


Marketing UG MeetingMarketing UG Meeting         Tax, Audit, & Office of FinanceTax, Audit, & Office of Finance


Nuts & Bolts

*Alteryx in Practice. Noteworthy Blog Posts + other pearls of wisdom.


July featured two excellent recaps of the BUILD2 hackathon from the winners of the Alteryx for Good track and the SDK track.


The pick of the month over on the Data Science blog is Moneyball and More: The Continuing War for Marginal Value, Dr. Nick’s look back at the classic sports analytics book, and if it still stands up today.




On Engine Works we recommend Web Scraping, will it Alteryx? -- Spoiler alert: YES.


That's all folks!


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Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement

Leah is responsible for building and growing engagement programs that enable community members to make the most of the Alteryx product suite. She is passionate about building customer communities to collaborate and solve real world business problems, and believes that connecting with people and building relationships leads to better work. Follow her on twitter @LeahMKnowles

Leah is responsible for building and growing engagement programs that enable community members to make the most of the Alteryx product suite. She is passionate about building customer communities to collaborate and solve real world business problems, and believes that connecting with people and building relationships leads to better work. Follow her on twitter @LeahMKnowles