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As we approach the end of 2022 (wasn’t it like 2019 just yesterday?), there are SO many things to be thankful for… but the latest Designer release packed full of Community Ideas is definitely at the top of my list!


Here are a few of the ideas we delivered to show our customers some love in 2022.3:


  • First requested back in 2015, the ability to search for a field in the Select tool has always been a popular idea… it should be even more popular now that this functionality has been implemented in any tool that uses the Select component! That includes not just the Select tool but Join, Join Multiple, Append, Find Nearest, and Spatial Match too… now, it’s easy to find the droids fields you’re looking for! BONUS: We’ve also added a handy checkbox that lets you quickly select all/deselect all visible fields at the top of the Select grid!


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  • I love formula expressions just like the next guy, but it’s a real nuisance to have to expand & collapse them individually (especially when I’ve got dozens of them stacked up in a Formula tool… Advent of Code formulas, I’m looking at you.) With the addition of a snazzy little toggle, you can now quickly expand & collapse all formulas in the Formula tool!



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  • Heyyyy, can I get your number?... Your Expression Number, that is! Next time you get an error message in the results grid that tells you there’s a problem with Expression #21, we’ve added an Expression number in the Formula tool to make it easier to go right to the expression you need, without having to count your way there!


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  • Designer already lets you globally disable all outputs with a workflow configuration checkbox… but what do you do when you only want to disable a single Output tool? Select the new checkbox in the Output tool to just disable that tool, of course! No more adding the output to a Tool Container and disabling it or disconnecting the connection and getting errors… now, with a quick click, you’ll get nothing from that single Output tool, and you’ll like it!





  • The “Cache and Run” feature has been a fan favorite since introduced in 2018, but it has been limited to only those tools with a single output anchor… until now! With the 2022.3 release, you can now choose to “Cache and Run” tools that have multiple output anchors! This unlocks caching functionality to over 50 additional tools, including Filter, Join, and even some punny options in the Predictive tool category… Run, Forest Model, Run!





A few more ideas we’ve implemented in this release (but that didn’t really lend themselves nicely to corresponding memes/images):


OAuth 2.0 in Email

Run both E1 and AMP in parallel

Download tool support corporate proxy

Single password change… for everything

Google BigQuery In-Database Support

PDF to Text

Server in Supported Languages (coming soon with Server 22.3 GA release!)


We hope you are as excited for these features as we are! And above all, THANK YOU to the Alteryx Community for continuing to push us to be creative and find solutions to the challenges our users are facing! We love these ideas… keep ‘em coming!


Until the next awesome release… Happy Alteryx-ing!


Cheers, and happy holidays!

- NJ + the Alteryx Product Team