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User Group Leaders Guidelines

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Updated: November 2023

How can I become a leader?

Do you love all things Alteryx? Do you dream in workflows? Do you enjoy the thrill of solving? Do you want to share your knowledge and learn something new from others? Have you at least once called yourself an Alteryx Addict? Becoming a leader of your local Alteryx Community is for you!


Alteryx User Groups are independent volunteer organizations created for users, run by users, and Alteryx support. Here you have an opportunity to meet locally or virtually to bring together a broad range of backgrounds where users of all skill levels are sharing ideas, experiences, and best practices.


We have put together guidelines to prepare you for User Group domination.


What are some benefits of becoming a leader?

  • Build your personal brand
  • Network with other Alteryx users
  • Opportunity for speaking engagements
  • Amplify your advocacy
  • Create a community of Alteryx users


User Groups Everywhere

  Internal Region (Virtual) Local
What? Share stories within your company Share stories across a region Connect with users in your local area
Why? Stay up to date on all things Alteryx in your company, get to know your colleagues and learn from them Hear from your peers virtually, see what others are doing in the biz, and share your success Meet all levels of users in person, hands-on live training, ask questions, and get access to exclusive content


Don't see a User Group that suits your needs? Send an email to our User Group Team: 

Leader Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate quarterly meetings (it can be more!)
  2. Facilitate meetings
  3. Promote meetings through social media and all channels ( #alteryxusergroups or #alteryxusergroup)
  4. Monitor and engage on your User Group page
  5. Share meeting content through recaps
  6. Share the attendance list when using your own webinar platform or when hosting an in-person meeting
  7. Keep close communication with the Alteryx User Group Team
  8. Be a group of at least 3 User Group Leaders, from at least 2 different companies


Alteryx's Responsibilities

Alteryx will provide support and resources for User Group Meetings in the following ways:

  1. Self-service Event Functionality
  2. Zoom License
  3. Gate-way to cross-functioning opportunities with Alteryx Associates and Tech Partners
  4. Communication to all licensed users through promotional emails
  5. Additional promotion via social media, Alteryx websites, and internal notifications

User Group Expectations

All are welcome!

Alteryx User Group meetings are inclusive and open to anyone interested in Alteryx. User Group meetings have free admission. User Groups are a community effort.

User Groups are about the Community. The User Group Leaders provide guidance and structure for the local Community. The User Group Team supports the User Group Leaders and provides guidance on how to run a User Group. We do not dictate what User Groups should do.

User Group meetings are created and promoted through the Alteryx Community Events

User Group meetings must be created and promoted through Community Events. The User Group Leaders are expected to maintain the Alteryx Community User Group page and are encouraged to be socially active.


No selling

User Group meetings are a customer event that provides peer-to-peer support. Selling at these events is not supported. If you see specific cases of selling at events, please flag the attention of the User Groups Team ( and let us know.



The User Group Program holds its leaders to the highest standards. Leaders are representatives of Alteryx to their local community. There is a zero-tolerance rule. If you see specific cases of abuse, rudeness, or other violations, please flag the attention to the User Groups Team. The User Groups Team can handle these situations.



User Groups who have not hosted a meeting in 2 quarters will be considered inactive and can be removed from the User Group pages on the Community. User Groups leaders will receive a warning 30 days before the group will be shut down. Groups can be reinstated by 3-5 co-leaders who are willing to revive and lead the User Group.


Relationship with The Alteryx User Group Team

Alteryx User Group Leaders and User Groups Team have a mutual partnership with the goal of coordinating and hosting meetings. The User Groups Team will support Alteryx User Group Leaders' needs and help prepare them for success.



User Group Leaders are required to share registration and attendees data with the User Groups Team, within 7 business days after the meeting occurs. Groups who do not participate will not be eligible for Alteryx perks and resources (outlined below).



User Groups who fulfill the leaders' responsibilities and expectations will be eligible for the following perks:

  • Exclusive access to the newest Alteryx Platform updates & Pilot Programs
  • Face time with Alteryx Associates (special request)**
  • Alteryx branded swag (special request & User Group activity)**
  • Modest budget to be used towards event logistics (venues, food, non-alcohol beverages, etc.)**

**The following perks are to be discussed with the User Groups Team on a case-by-case basis

Best Practices/Success

  • Repeat visitors attending meetings
  • User Groups who coordinate at least 1 meeting a quarter
  • Building a pipeline for hosts and presenters
  • Activity on the User Group page
  • Positive feedback from participants after each meeting
  • Be aware the content you are sharing at User Group meetings is for all audiences
  • Have 3-5 User Group Leaders, from at least 2 different companies, contributing to meetings (If you need help, contact the User Groups Team)


User Group Meeting Templates  (User Group Leaders Private Lounge)