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Toronto, ON

Welcome to the Toronto User Group

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Q3 2020 Toronto Virtual UG meeting

10 - Fireball

Hello Friends,

We are back 🙂 

Hope everyone has kept safe and healthy during past few months. We had our last UG meeting in Toronto a while back but we are now back on the rails!


Please register for the upcoming UG meeting, have some fun and network with like-minded folks!


Register:   https://pages.alteryx.com/usergroup-Toronto.html


looking forward to see you all...virtually!



10 - Fireball

Hello Alteryx Aficionados!


It was great to see a nice turn-out for the 1st Virtual Toronto Alteryx User Group meeting last week.

A big thank you to everyone who turned out and logged in to connect. And we missed those who couldn't make it.

Please provide your feedback to us as it is important to bring items of your interest in future meetings and make them better to maximize everyone's time commitment.


We welcomed the newest leader Amarendra Donthala to the Toronto User Group Leadership team!




We had a revenue forecasting use case presented by @ShshankChawathay and some great questions on this use case. We also had @csmallwood present the demo on 2020.2 Intelligence Suite, some cool feature there - check it out if you haven't had a demo or used tested with a trial version!


And what a great way to end by @lharder_AFG chatting about Alteryx for Good (AFG) and @pankajk talking through the relationship as well as how Toronto User Group leaders are supporting Raising the village (https://www.raisingthevillage.org/) through this awesome partnership.


Those who missed the session, and those who may want some info, here is the recording:



We are always looking for presenters - first-timers as well as pros!  No use case is small enough not to present.... reach out to anyone of us and we can help/guide you with presentation/ideas/brainstorming on what you can present. Great way to earn improve your presentation skills, add some 'meat' to your resume and build some more soft-skills.


Thanks again to SaravanaKumar, Simran and the rest of the UG leadership team for putting together a great meeting. We are looking forward to the next session. Stay safe and enjoy!