The Midlands, UK



7 - Meteor

Hello Alteryx Aficionado's


My Name is Lee and I am Head of Data and Analytics for the Atlas Hotels group based in Stratford we are hospitality management company our main focus is the operation of Holiday |nn Express  properties in the UK.


I have been using Alteryx for around 2 years and my main usage is for merging and preparing data for use in Excel.


I am keen to learn more about the predictive analytics functionality in Alteryx and how to connection to different data sources.





6 - Meteoroid

Hi Lee,


Welcome to the group! I've recently begun using predictive analytics myself, it's very exciting getting it working and have given us the ability to do things I'd never have been able to without Alteryx! What kinds of things are you looking to do?

7 - Meteor

Hi Cerys


I want to start with doing some forecasting, I work within a team that look at forecasting for the next 3 months but struggle to forecast weekend bookings accurately. 

I think that I should be able to do it with the Predictive Analytics function  as I have all the individual bookings that are made.



7 - Meteor

Hi Lee,


Welcome to the Midlands User Group page.


I'm not an expert on the predictive tools, however there are a few resources which might help:


Some help guides are available here:


There is also a course on Udacity which might be useful:





5 - Atom

Hi Lee,


It's definitely possible, I've been using Alteryx for store forecasting at various retailers for many years in Location Planning and Analytics roles, as long as you're familiar with the techniques you're looking to use the modular system works well. I believe Jennie sent you a useful link to guide you through the tools and if you feel you'd need some more support I'd suggested going back to your supplier around what they can offer, we had a good webinar with Alteryx themselves recently on predictive analytics which I found useful and I've also provided bespoke training when I worked at a consultancy. They should be able to offer something.


The other option is to do it in something you're more familiar with and try to copy in Alteryx as a learning experience?

You could then use an Alteryx App for model deployment, but you should be able to do the whole process in Alteryx.