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Happy New Year!!!

11 - Bolide

Happy New Year, Everyone! Hopefully, you all had safe and happy holidays! We are looking forward to putting together the next meeting and seeing everyone again.


Just curious, though... What were some of your biggest wins for 2018? Also, feel free to share your resolutions for this New Year!


I'll kick it off:


2018 Big Wins:

-Alteryx Certified Advance certification

-Automated analyses that normally took me hours or days to put together

-Started a new role within my company

-Created my first real sentiment analysis that wasn't done for as a learning project


2019 Resolutions:

-Use (or at least become familiar with) all the R tools within Alteryx

-Create my own R or Python tool for Alteryx

-Post more regularly on our community page ;-)

-Complete at least 50 weekly challenges



Talk to you all soon!

11 - Bolide

Happy New Year!!!

What an awesome year it's been.


The biggest win for me was having the opportunity to use Alteryx and become an "almost" SME for our team out here, starting an Internal User group and of course becoming Alteryx Core Certified!


Alteryx has absolutely changed the opportunities that are available to me- and sadly I recently accepted a new role within Charter- where they don't (YET) use Alteryx, so for 2019 i'm hoping to continue to participate in the Alteryx beta program, the community and keep my Alteryx skills growing as I know it won't be the last time it makes an impact on my career! (and maybe convince my new team to pick up the tool :D)

@ADerbak- not sure I can keep up with your goal of 50 challenges...but i'd like to say I could challenge you with half that? so 25 challenges is the goal!


have an awesome year, and hope to still take part in the discussions on here!



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Such awesome 2018s, and I love the 2019 resolutions! Thank you both for sharing :) @Derangedvisions, definitely continue the conversation here with us!

Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program