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2020 Q1 Meeting Announcement! (and Introductions!)

11 - Bolide

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


   I am beyond excited to announce our next STL AUG meeting will be on February 11th, 2020 at Daugherty Business Solutions in Creve Coeur! You can use the link below to see more details and to register for the event:


Q1 2020 Meeting Details 


   This meeting will focus on the certifications process and we will even have one of our new User Group Leaders talking about how he got his WHOLE TEAM Core certified! We know that a lot of people made resolutions to get that cert, so this will be one not to miss. This will be a great opportunity for those who have just started using Alteryx and even for those craft veterans like myself.


I also want to take this time to introduce your new User Group Leadership lineup. Please be sure to say Hi to them on here and at any events!:


Alya Steward - @Derangedvisions 

David Velleca - @DavidVelleca 

Treyson Marks - @Treyson


I am honored to be surrounded by such talented folks, and we have some big plans for the User Group in 2020!


Last but not least, please make sure to “subscribe” to the STL User Group Page so you can get alerts on new posts, and be sure to interact with your fellow STL users on here as well! The User Group Leaders are happy to help when possible, but just like the entire Alteryx Community, it is everyone coming together from different backgrounds to solve problems!


Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Andrew Derbak