The Alteryx SparkED Job Board is currently shut down – stayed tuned as we transition to a new LinkedIn space to connect learners with employers!

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Job Board Closing, Join Alteryx Talent Alliance




Hi SparkED Network! We are excited to announce the soft launch of our newest employability initiative – The Alteryx Talent Alliance, Powered by SparkED. The SparkED Community Job Board is officially closed, and this new private LinkedIn Group is taking its place.


The purpose of the Talent Alliance is to create a dedicated platform that connects Alteryx-trained talent within the SparkED network to Alteryx Customer Employers. The aim of the group is to encourage collaboration, facilitate job placements, and promote professional development and employability within the Alteryx Community.




  • Job-Seekers: Recent graduates, students or career changers that participated in the SparkED program with current Alteryx Designer Core Certification.
  • Customers/ Employers: Global Alteryx Customers across industries, seeking Alteryx-trained job seekers to fill data analytics roles.


Sign-Up Today!

  1. Access the Alteryx Talent Alliance LinkedIn Group.
  2. Request to join the Group.
  3. Review the rules and criteria related to jobseekers:
    1. Only Alteryx Designer Core certified participants from the Alteryx SparkED education program are eligible to join the group. Please follow the instructions in the post to apply for roles that you are qualified for and interested in. Please do NOT post resumes to the page, but rather engage with the posts promoted by employers (such as commenting you applied via the company career site, or like the post).
  4. Stay tuned for job postings from Alteryx Customers & Employers!

Even if you're not Core Certified yet, achieving this certification opens up a world of opportunities to connect with top employers for data analytics roles, and joining the Alteryx Talent Alliance will be your perfect gateway to success!