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Milwaukee, WI

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2019 Q3 MAUG Meeting Recap

6 - Meteoroid

We had a great meeting yesterday!  Here is a quick recap in case you missed something.


Many thanks to Baird for hosting and providing some top-notch event space, snacks, and a wonderful view of Milwaukee.


Thanks to AE Business Solutions for sponsoring the Happy Hour!


Jason Melik from Baird gave an awesome presentation about their transformational journey using Alteryx with Compliance data.  Really cool to see how it changed their processes and helped them to be more agile!  I also learned a new word: bizzelopers.  For all of us out there that aren't business users and aren't developers, but are kind of both at the same time (should sound familiar to a lot of you out there 🙂 ).  We also got to see their newly implemented version of Alteryx Connect.  


Mya Starling from TDS demonstrated an Alteryx Server application that was off-the-chain.  She had interface tools to allow users to make geo-spatial selections and choose their outputs.  The workflow utilized the Alteryx Data package blended with external data to provide detailed profiles of markets.  This was a great usage of the spatial tools and advanced the capabilities of the out-of-the-box tools.  The application was also a great example of using interface tools to (de)activate containers and produce different output.  Great use of the out of the box reporting tools.


The MAUG leaders presented a best practices presentation heavily influenced by a presentation titled Analytic Tipping Point: When and How to Scale Out Alteryx Server by Kory Cunningham, Senior Product Manager, Alteryx.  I would recommend anyone thinking about deploying server check out Kory's Presentation.


The MAUG leaders announced the First Annual Milwaukee Alteryx Users Data Challenge.  There will be a separate post on this later, but we encourage everyone to participate, we will be announcing winners at our Q4 meeting and MAUG users will be voting for the winners.


We had some great discussions among the attendees about server deployment, connecting to API's, server security, and getting started with Alteryx; thanks to everyone!


Thanks to all of those who were able to attend; to our speakers: Mya and Jason; and we hope to see you all at our next User Group Meeting!!