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Inspire Hackathon?!?

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

We're thinking about running an all day hackathon at Inspire in Anaheim this year! It would take place on Monday June 4 - you would participate in the hackathon instead of partaking in training. 


Hack-a-thon collage.png


The idea would be to use Alteryx tools, SDKs and APIs to build awesome things. Like the Solutions Center, Alteryx experts would be on hand and eager to help. What do you think? Would you join us? Should the project be assigned or open ended? What would you build? Should this be for teams or individuals? Let us know your thoughts...


This could be a pretty cool opportunity to work with new people and learn a lot of new things. I think that having teams would make for the best networking/community building opportunity.  Maybe a few pre-determined projects and/or have people pitch projects to get a team of people to join them.  We probably all have some cool project on a shelf somewhere that we've been meaning to dust off and finish.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer


We are lucky here at Alteryx to have the opportunity to participate in Innovation Days, essentially a quarterly internal hackathon when we can pour some time into pet projects that might not be in scope for our everyday work. There's a great sense of excitement and comradery in knowing that everyone else is working on stuff they've dreamt up and are passionate about, and the show-and-tell at the end is always a good time. I'd highly recommend trying it out, even if you don't have a project in mind yourself you can find a team, contribute your knowledge, and no doubt learn a huge amount along the way. If the Inspire hackathon is anything like Innovation Days I'm sure it'll be a resounding success!


I love this idea! While I definitely think team participation should be encouraged, as that allows bigger ideas to be tackled in the time. But I don't think teams should be a requirement. The Innovation Days that Thomas mentioned often have a lot of great little projects done by individuals.

I think it would be a great idea. There was a fair degree of interest and discussion within the solution center at Inspire Europe on the SDK stuff. 


I think having an open space where people can co-operate however suits would be good. Perhaps an open board beforehand, where we could share ideas of what people would like to try and build would be a good place to start.

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

I would love to do another Hackathon!


Open ended would be pretty tough because that would require some data aggregation before. Is there a way we could have a handful of projects from Alteryx for Good requests that could be fielded and prepped before the conference?


Teams are a definite, nothing is better than hanging out with like-minded people :)


If you are interested in hosting a local Hackathon here are a couple of site I would recommend:


We are hoping to host one locally here in Orlando soon.

I would love to see this at the Europe Inspire too. 


@NeilR - First of all this sounds awesome, I just signed up for it while registering for Inspire '18.  Secondly, where do I get one of those neat



Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

@Coxta45 you must have been the first to register - it just went live!


As to the <ayx-dev/> stickers - I'll remind @TashaA to bring a big stack of them to Alteryx BUILD on June 4!

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

Now that Alteryx BUILD is officially happening, let's move the conversation over here where you'll find official details about the event and can ask questions. A couple of you requested a board to propose ideas and form teams - we have it! It's here. And @AndrewDataKim - we're working on a predefined AFG project, great suggestion. Lastly, don't forget to register if you haven't already!