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are Spatial Analytics tools and Data Investigation tools relevant to tax professionals?

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I work in the tax practice of one of the big four. 

I wonder if any tax professionals used any advanced tools(mentioned in the title plus Predictive tools, etc.) in their engagement.

By far, I have only used the tools covered in the core certification plus RegEx, Macros, and Apps. 

I just want to make sure I can focus on studying the right tools for the next step. 

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi @Gualigee 


While I'm not a tax professional, I would think the Reporting tools would be useful.  For example, by using the table tool you can do some formatting prior to exporting to Excel.  This include column widths, font colors, background colors as well as conditional formatting.  This would save you some of those manual steps post output from Alteryx.  I would think there is some value in understanding how to use the Table, Layout, Header, Footer, Rendering etc.  Additionally, data investigation tools like Field Summary I find useful especially if you have a need to compare and contrast data sets.


Reporting, Regex, Macros, Apps and Data Investigation are all on the Advanced Certification Exam.  That being said, given the amount of focus on Spatial Analytics on the exam I think you will have a hard time passing without at least an introductory understanding of Spatial tools.  I think the Spatial Tool trainings are about an hour in total.

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Hi @


We normally do final formatting in Power BI since the output file is unique. Alteryx is the solution for creating multiple results. For instance, different fast-food chain stores need to use the poster with their locations on it while the remaining stuff is the same. Data investigation tools seem interesting, and I will study that.

I am pretty sure Spatial Analytics tools are not relevant to my role but worth studying it anyway. Thanks. 

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I'm in the same boat..I work in banking sector and not likely to use spatial analytics.


However I am studying the Advance with the intention of doing the "Alteryx Automation Master"  exam in the future....when it is released.


More info on this https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Analytics/New-Mastery-Certifications-at-Inspire-Europe-2019/bc-p/55...


It is tough using up your time to learn something that will never be used...note, Spatial is a very large chunk of the exam!


I have given the certification team feedback to maybe modulise the advance exam, so we can pick areas that's relevant to our career path.



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Thanks for your information.

This is very interesting!