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Standard operating procedure docs for Ateryx workflows

8 - Asteroid

Hi all


Over the past 18 months I have created a large number of Workflows for the business which, while saving everyone else time and money, are heavily reliant on me running them for people so are starting to become a drain on my focus. 


I have been asked to document the steps for running these workflows to free up my capacity to develop elsewhere. With that in mind, are there any SOP templates that you know of or use that you can link me to that are specifically designed with Alteryx documentation in mind?


Thanks in advance



8 - Asteroid

Generally what I do while building the workflow is to document each step or a group of steps. 

Using annotations and comment boxes will ease the process, especially when returning to the workflow after a long period.  


Here is a document that I found that could help.  Refer to page 24 - 30.

13 - Pulsar

Thanks for the document

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Thanks for sharing! Do you have any more documentation from Alteryx? 


It'll be great if Alteryx could compile them and put them in a repository on the community for all to access. 


Also, @Dave, definitely understand your situation. One more thing that would be helpful is to have auto-documentation - an idea I wrote here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Designer-Desktop-Ideas/Documentation-of-Workflows-by-Altery...


Would be great to have your like & support as well for Alteryx to notice. I've build a prototype myself just with vanilla Alteryx tools and it reads the XML of workflows just fine. Hoping to get something more robust from Alteryx!

Calvin Tang
Alteryx ACE
18 - Pollux

It would be great if Alteryx could ouptut workflow designs directly to Lucid Chart for easier documenting... like without this - what is the point of Overview? Hey - it would also be great if we could pull and push our workflows from github. product team?