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In the News - Influencer Marketing with Gymshark

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

How many of you have had your workout routines totally disrupted during quarantine? I know I have! OK.... so, I did not have too much of a routine to begin with, but I am always trying to get one started. 🙂





But I’m not here to discuss at-home-workouts or social distance running – however if you have a favorite YouTube trainer feel free to share below! Instead, I wanted to share with you an inspiring story recently published on Medium under BetterMarketing about our very own Alteryx Visionary, Ben Frances, CEO and founder of Grymshark, “How a 19-year-old created a $130 million sportswear brand."


Since their beginning in 2012, they now operate in over 160 countries and have over 2 million customers! They say that "Influencer Marketing" has been massive for them in their growth, with over 100 athletes and +60 affiliate partners (people just like you and I). 


Check out this past webinar Gymshark X Alteryx Flex Your Analytic Muscles (12:24 – 30:40) where @agray  and @SamanthaRobbins  discuss 3 huge business challenges Gymshark had to overcome by:


  1. Using APIs with external data sources to provide visibility of their affiliate partners to measure and track performance
  2. Speeding up validation of purchases made through affiliate links to determine commissions paid to affiliate partners
  3. Utilizing spatial analytics tools to determine best locations for pop-up shops and events

Gymshark is continuing to raise the bar in the fitness industry and their marketing insights team is using analytics as their competitive advantage!


....now on to burpees! 😊


Chris Shernaman | @ChrisS 

Chris Shernaman
Community Manager
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Check out Gymshark's official customer story: Gymshark earns process improvement of 37X using Analytic Process Automation.

Chris Shernaman
Community Manager
12 - Quasar

Awesome Company!

Awesome story!


@ChrisS  !!!!!!!!