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How do you evaluate employees' alteryx skills?

8 - Asteroid

How do you evaluate employees' Alteryx skills?


Hi @Gualigee ,


You can refer to JLL’s Alteryx Adventure program here, where customers can “earn” badges as they complete certain Alteryx milestones:  https://www.credly.com/organizations/jones-lang-lasalle/badges


These milestones may include criteria such as:

- Achieving the Alteryx Designer Core / Advanced Product Certification, for more info see here. https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Certification/bd-p/product-certification

- Completing certain amount of Weekly Challenges

- Active contribution to the Alteryx Community (e.g. how many posts are accepted as solutions etc)

- Joining the Alteryx Innovators / Alteryx ACE Program

- Driving analytics use cases with Alteryx within the organisation, measurable by both tangible and intrinsic values (e.g. ROI of 400%, improved time savings by XXX man-hours etc). 

Hope this can help you generate some ideas!




6 - Meteoroid

The Alteryx certifications are a convenient way to tell that someone knows what they are doing. You could also check to see how many workflows they have auto scheduled on the gallery as a gauge of how many processes they are automating regularly. Or how many apps they have developed and published for departmental/company use. You could also see if they know it well enough that they are proactively teaching others Alteryx skills as well, like if they are hosting Alteryx training classes or assisting people one on one often. 


Another way is to ask their fellow employees to gauge the person's skill level as they have probably seen them in action with the software more often.