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Alteryx for Corporate Tax Webinar: 3 Common Challenges Solved - June 30, 2PM ET

7 - Meteor

Hi Everyone,


I'm excited to share a webinar that I will be leading with Anthony Sorrentino from Global Tax Management on 3 common challenges that we see clients in tax departments tackling with Alteryx. In this session we will touch on the challenges presented in the 3 areas below, and how Alteryx can be used to help solve them, highlighting real world examples.


  1. General tax package management, data gathering, and wrangling
  2. State apportionment and return to provision (RTP)
  3. Transfer Pricing segmentation and the allocation of headquarter costs


Date: June 30, 2021 2pm ET

Register Here


If you have other challenges that you face in your tax department, please feel free to leave a comment below as we will be looking to do a similar webinar later in the summer on different topics.


We're looking forward having you join!