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Does anyone here have any experience with migrating from Cognos to Power BI?

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Moving from Cognos to Power BI - Do let me know if anyone here had any success in migrating from Cognos to Power BI?

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Migrating Cognos Reports to Power BI Paginated can be a long-drawn-out project, with organizations having hundreds, even several thousand Cognos reports.


If you have relatively few Cognos reports to migrate to Power BI, the best way is to go about it manually. You will have to go with a Power BI Premium subscription, as Paginated reports aren’t available on the Pro SKU. Power BI Premium is now available on a per-user basis for $20/user/month. 


If you have hundreds of reports or more to migrate or do not have the capacity to execute the migration project yourself the best way forward is to outsource the project. Also, when you have a large number of users, Power BI Premium Capacity SKUs make more financial sense.


I work at Nous Infosystems. We have experience with similar migration projects. We even developed a tool that partially automates migration from Cognos Reports to Power BI.


We have listed it on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace.


If you would like to know more please reach out to me at nikhilck@nousinfo.com