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SparkED Program Eligibility



The SparkED education program is designed for academic students, educators, and independent learners around the world. Data analytics knowledge and skills are in high demand by organizations everywhere seeking graduates and professionals with these skills. Discover more about our program here:  SparkED 





  • You must be currently enrolled in a university, 2-year college, or university-sponsored program. 
  • Alteryx Designer education licenses are available for 1 year with the option to renew: License Renewal FAQ
  • Apply for your student license: click here 



  • You must be currently employed by a university, 2-year college, or other accredited academic program as a full-time professor, adjunct professor, instructor, or lecturer.
  • Alteryx Designer education licenses are available for 1 year with the option to renew: License Renewal FAQ
  • Apply for your educator license: click here 


INDEPENDENT LEARNERS (aka career changers)

  • You must be an independent learner seeking to add data analytics skills to your resume to compete in today’s job market.  
  • If you are an employee looking for an Alteryx Designer license for use at work in your current job role, you do not qualify for a free education license - instead, please reach out to Greg Hamilton (greg.hamilton@alteryx.com) to learn about fee-based professional development options with Alteryx.
  • Alteryx Designer education licenses are available for independent learners for 90 days with the option to renew only if they earn their Core certification: License Renewal FAQ
  • Apply for your independent learner license: click here