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Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 daily data workflow

5 - Atom

I used what you linked to before and amended it.  It worked ok I think.  I may have needed to tweak a couple of things.  I was using it to help with an Alteryx trial, which has now expired, so no need for it any longer.  Very nice tool which was easy to use and perfect for the Covid data kind of task.  Given the trial has expired I am now evaluating the Excel-based options to compare, given they are free to use if you already have Office365.

5 - Atom

Yes it worked.  I made some changes to it and it did the job well.  I no longer need it as I was using it to help evaluate Alteryx.

7 - Meteor

Great!!! If you allow me to add a comment, from a reporting perspective I think Excel and Alteryx may have very similar capabilities (vlookups, Joins, transpose, crosstab, etc) and this works fine, but in my personal experience we found some deficiency while using Excel when using large files, or when having different Files Types because we need to convert everything to an Excel "Type" format so we can cross reference Datasets and finally for the Data accuracy in Alteryx it is easy to identify visually how the data is coming form the source, like leading or trailing spaces, null values, blanks, unique values, etc.